About Us


Shaun Moss, to his core has been at the helm of Southern Cross Finance and leasing for over 10 years. Having worked within all facets of the Finance and Leasing industry and being a small business owner himself, he has helped thousands of customers to achieve a financial solution.

Growing up in the small Queensland town of Bowen, to a hard working farming family I appreciate what it means when everyone knows your business, but it also means they’ll be there to support you through your triumphs and struggles.

“The intrinsic value of growing up in a small community is measured by the assurance that where you live, people ‘see’ you and can call on you by name. Being around these people
so much whilst growing up gave me a real appreciation for the importance of local businesses, and a drive to help others achieve their goals in setting up a business”.

With solid relationships with more than 40 lenders our mission is to provide our clients with professional, reliable and service that you can trust.

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